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Mawlana Feizel Chothia is an experienced Islamic Studies instructor and author of a number of Islamic books. Born in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1970 he was educated at the Madrasah Arabiyah Islamiyah (Dar Al-Ulum Azaadville) institute of traditional Islamic sciences. He has specialist training in Islamic jurisprudence, primarily the Hanafi School of Law, and his approach is rooted in a traditional, normative stance (Ahl-us-Sunnah). Mawlana Feizel has served as Imam in numerous Masjids and is actively engaged in Islamic propagation, teaching and administration, as well as developing curricula and materials for Islamic elementary and afternoon schools (ie. Madaris - primary and secondary Islamic seminaries). Apart from his formal training and experience, his development as an Islamic scholar within the Western milieu and his intimacy with Western culture and its institutions has served him well in assessing and positively engaging the challenges it poses to Muslims and Islam. He currently lives in Perth where he is associated with a number of innovative projects in the field of Islamic education and literature.

E fzlchothia @ T (+61 8) 9456 4056 M (+61) 402 603 845


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